The Beck Diet Solution Can Help Anyone Lose Weight and Stay Healthy for Life

June 21st, 2017

The word “diet” can conjure up nightmarish images of deprivation and suffering—and not just physical misery. Psychological distress and anguish can sabotage even the most determined dieter. Why? Dieting is not just a matter of reducing calories and getting more exercise. Yes, those factors are important parts in any weight loss plan, but they are only part of the picture.

To have a good quality of life during weight loss and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives, dieters need to learn a new way of thinking. Diets in the past have failed to consider cognition, or thinking. An innovative plan, the Beck Diet, approaches weight loss from a cognitive-behavioral point of view.


Mind Over Matter

What is a cognitive-behavioral approach to weight loss? Simply put, dieters learn to think in new ways, which leads to changed behaviors. They discover how to defeat dieting pitfalls and triumph over thoughts that could sabotage their weight loss efforts.


If a high-calorie mistake is made, the Beck Diet teaches dieters how to immediately recover and maintain their weight loss program. Dieters learn how to avoid diet traps such as discouragement, stress, and disappointment. Those following this novel approach can also:


  • Feel in control during the most challenging situations
  • Enjoy their favorite foods while continuing their weight loss plan
  • Burst with confidence as they follow a healthy weight loss and exercise plan
  • Stay motivated to maintain a healthy weight for life


This diet, developed by behavioral experts Judith Beck and Deborah Beck Busis, is designed to propel dieters to success with the power of their own minds. Until old, disruptive thought patterns are changed, dieters may go off track again and again. Rather than focusing on a quick fix, this plan is designed to reformulate the way dieters think about food, eating and themselves.


Think Thin

The Beck Diet is supported by numerous tools, including workshops, coaching sessions, books, DVDs and CDs, a website, a newsletter and a blog. These resources make it easy for dieters to tune in and stay turned on to weight loss for the long run. The focus is to teach dieters to think—and then to eat—like a thin person.


A Plan for Life

The Beck Diet is designed to help dieters find a new way of eating—and thinking. By changing the way they think about weight loss, those wishing to lose weight can make shedding pounds a reality. To learn more about this unique weight-loss approach, read more about the Beck Diet here.