The Basics of the No S Diet

June 21st, 2017

The No S Diet is rather simple when compared to many of the other diet plans. It has three main rules and an exception. As long as you follow these rules, you can lose weight. You don’t have to count calories or use complex food lists. It is that simple because it is designed to be a no hassle program.

Rule 1: No Snacks

This first rule – no snacks – means just that. Do not snack. Do not eat anything except at meals. If you are eating enough at every meal, you shouldn’t have a need to snack. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you are eating as a snack either. Even vegetables are not allowed. As long as you eat the food at a meal, it is fine. So, if you decide to have chips with lunch, that is okay. You just can’t have chips between lunch and supper.


Rule 2: No Sweets

This one is all about eliminating needless sugar from your diet. Sugar has been linked to weight gain and obesity. Cutting it from your diet completely is almost impossible because many foods contain sugar naturally, but you can cut out extra sugar. You can add sugar to drinks, like coffee and tea, or put it in cereal. You just don’t want to be consuming it in the form of donuts, cakes, pies, soda and candy. Use your own judgement on foods you eat.


Rule 3: No Seconds

This rule is exactly as it sounds. You load up your plate one time at each meal, and that is it. Eat what is on your plate, and then, the meal is over. Over eating is a huge issue and packs on the pounds. This one rule alone can save you thousands of calories in a day.


The Exception

Every good diet gives you a chance to “cheat.” Controlled cheating enables you to better stick to the diet on the other days of the week. Because this diet focuses on easy to remember things starting with “s,” cheat days are allowed on days that start with “s.”


“S” days include Saturday and Sunday, along with special days, such as holidays and birthdays, and sick days. Do note, though, the official diet rule includes the word “sometimes.” This doesn’t mean that you can’t cheat every “s” day. It just means to stay in control and don’t go too overboard.


Finding the right diet is really a personal thing. The best thing about the No S Diet is it is so simple. No complex rules or long food lists. Just follow the rules to lose weight. To learn more about diets and weight loss, visit GNS, Inc.