Key Points of the Dukan Diet

June 21st, 2017

Calorie counting used to be the main staple of any diet plan. That rule no longer applies as new diets are being developed to make it easier for you to eat right and lower your caloric intake without hassle. One such diet that doesn’t rely on counting calories is the Dukan diet. This eating plan is high in protein to help keep hunger at bay.

Some Background

This diet was created by Pierre Dukan, a nutritionist. It involves using a special formula to figure your true weight, which is your goal and what you work towards on the plan. True weight is a combination of different factors or indicators that reflect your history with weight and weight loss. It is the weight you could comfortable maintain for the rest of your life without having to struggle with it. This idea makes this diet plan unique because it is taking into consideration what happens in the long term.


The Basics

The plan is rather simple. The basic idea is to eat a lot of protein and limited carbohydrates. It is also focused on being low in fat. You are given 100 foods that you are allowed to eat. As long as you eat from the list, you can eat as much as you want.


Four Phases

The eating plan is broken into four phases and encourages exercise as part of your overall plan. The first phase is called the attack phase. It is comprised of protein and usually lasts only days. The second phase is the cruise phase where vegetables are allowed and other foods are added in. During this phase, you will have some days where you can only eat protein alternating with days where you eat protein and vegetables. The length of this phase is based on how much weight you want to lose. For every three pounds, you are in this phase for one day.


The consolidation phase is when you have lost quite a bit of weight and normally when people would go off a diet and begin to regain. In this phase, you are continuing the protein and vegetable meals, but you also get what are called celebration days where you can eat more of a variety of foods. You are in this phase for a period of time based on how much weight you have lost so far. For every pound lost, you are in this phase for five days.


The last phase is stabilization. This is the rest of your life. It is about making good food choices and following the things you have learned. You also will stick to a few simple rules. You should exercise for 20 minutes a day, eat three tablespoons of oat bran each day and do a pure protein day every Thursday.


The Dukan diet is a great option if you are looking for long term, lasting results. To learn more about losing weight, visit GNS, Inc.