The Key Points in the Atkins Diet

June 21st, 2017

The Atkins diet has been around for quite some time. You have probably heard of it and know it is a low carb diet, meaning it restricts the number of carbohydrates that can be eaten each day. This diet has been touted as a great way to lose a lot of weight upfront, along with being praised for being relatively easy to follow due to limited rules. Here’s a look at the main points of this diet plan.

Allowed and Not Allowed Foods

While there are different phases to the diet where the allowed foods list changes, in general, you should avoid all high carbohydrate foods. This includes bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets. Even naturally sweetened foods, like fruits, are limited under this plan because the main point is to keep carb intake low.


Allowed foods are many animal products. Meats, cheese, eggs and other dairy are the main staples of the diet. However, artificial sweeteners are allowed in moderation, so you could eat sugar-free sweets on occasion and still be within the diet guidelines. Low-carb products can also be eaten as long as you stay within the carb intake levels recommended by the plan.



As mentioned, this diet has various stages or phases. Phase one is the initial phase where you are getting your body used to a low carb lifestyle. Many people lose large amounts of weight during this phase because of water loss. During phase one, you are limited to protein and fat with about 20 grams of carbohydrates each day. This phase lasts about a week.


Phase two adds in some foods. You will be adding carbohydrates back in while watching your weight loss results. It is up to you to find the level of carbohydrates you can eat and still lose weight. This will take some trial and error, but it will also help you to get to know your body better.


The third phase is about starting to get into maintenance. This phase begins when you are almost at your goal weight. You will start to play around with your carb levels again to find where you need to be to maintain without gaining or losing weight.


The final phase is maintenance. You will be in this phase forever unless you gain weight and need to go back to phase two to get into weight loss mode again.


It is important to note there are many variations of the Atkins diet. Not all have the same limits of carbs. To find out more visit GNS, Inc.