Foods that Promote Fat Loss

June 21st, 2017

Despite what diet advertisements and posts online might have you believe, there is no such thing as a food that melts away fat or makes you slimmer just by eating it. However, some foods are better than others if you are looking to lose weight or trim some of the extra fat from your frame. There are a lot of expensive supplements that promise to help you lose weight, but these aren’t necessary for healthy and moderate fat loss.

What Types Foods Help Burn Fat?

One type of food that can help with weight loss are those that are high in protein. These foods build muscle mass, which tends to use calories more efficiently so your body can burn fat on its own.


There is also evidence to suggest that good digestion can aid in the burning of fat. To that end, probiotic foods and foods that promote healthy digestion can also help you slim down.


The final type of food that can help you lose weight is food that makes you feel full. Some foods promote a lasting feeling of fullness so that you stop eating sooner and aren’t tempted to snack shortly after your meal. The only sure way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than your body burns during the day, so foods that encourage you to eat less can be especially beneficial.


What Are Some Specific Foods?

Foods high in protein encourage muscle development. These include meats and fish, nuts, peanut butter and beans. If you are trying to lose weight, opt for the leanest meat possible. Chicken and turkey are both good choices if you are looking for meats that are low in fat content, but the occasional cut of lean red meat is unlikely to do much harm.


Probiotic foods include anything fermented. This might be yogurt, kimchi or soft-ripened cheeses. Many probiotic foods are what might be called acquired tastes, so you may need to try several preparations or varieties before you find one that you like.


Foods that promote fullness include fruits and berries, some types of fish including tuna and salmon, unbleached whole grains an spicy foods. As with any type of food, these should all be eaten in moderation if you want to lose weight.


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