Five Tips to Make Dieting Simple and Painless

June 21st, 2017

Anyone who has ever tried to diet knows that even a simple and straightforward plan can be difficult to stick with. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of guides or restrictions in order to eat healthy and lose weight. While some dieters do benefit from more rigorous meal planning and eliminating certain foods entirely, others just need a few tips and tricks that can help them eat less and choose healthier options.

Eat Regularly

Skipping meals sends signals to your body to slow your metabolism conserve fat in order to prevent starvation. In other words, if you think you can slim down by just not eating for a few days, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Eat regular meals throughout the day in order to promote a healthy metabolism that burns calories at a good rate. You may prefer to eat several small meals throughout the day or three larger, well-balanced meals. Do whichever is more comfortable, as long as you aren’t regularly skipping.


Drink Plenty of Fluids

Sometimes the body confuses feelings of thirst with feelings of hunger. Before you reach for a bag of chips or a slice of cake, try drinking a glass of water to see if your feelings of hunger abate. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep from feeling hungry and to prevent bloat from water retention.


Sweets and Treats Are Okay

Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite foods. In fact, if you completely stop eating all your favorites, you are much more likely to binge eat when your cravings get too bad. Instead, enjoy treats in moderation. Limit yourself to one cookie instead of several, or a handful of chips instead of half a bag.


Reduce Salt Intake

Salt causes bloating and weight gain, and makes you feel hungrier. Limit the amount of salt you consume and you may find slimming down much easier. Be aware that salt is present in many types of pre-packaged foods so you may need to start cooking for yourself if you want to significantly reduce the amount of sodium you are consuming.


Eat Smaller Portions

Portions served in restaurants are much larger than the average person should consume alone. When you eat out, eat half your meal at the table and take the rest home in a doggie bag. When cooking at home, you should also reduce the size of the portions you consume.


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